War, Unfinished


New York City. Vicious Battlefield. Home.

With a million dollar bounty on my head, it took me years to step foot in the city again. Now I'm back. And the order of business is rather simple.

1. Destroy my reprobate brother.

2. Take back my stolen legacy.

3. Have a goddamn drink in peace.

But I didn't count on meeting her again. The architect of my misfortune and the most beautiful woman I've ever seen—or, the most vile. She puts a wrench in my plans and forces me to add another goal to my list.

1. Noelle DeVille must pay.

She should have stayed dead. I killed her once. I can do it again.

Or… Can I?

My name is Rafaelo Guerra , and this is my war.

War, Unfinished is the first book in the Arte de la Guerra Saga and it's NOT a standalone. It ends on a cliffhanger. Please be advised that this book contains extremely dark themes. Check the Important Note before reading for a comprehensive list of triggers and warnings.