War, Unjust

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"You should have never been born."

Getting told that daily has a way of messing with one's head.

But I didn't let it.

I had my siblings. I had a secret best friend who understood me.

I had hope.

Until I didn't.

One by one they all left. Abandoned me. Betrayed me.

One by one they turned me into who I am today.

The monster bearing the stench of death, blood—rot.

The bringer of vengeance—of pain and suffering.

And no one will stand in my way.

Especially not her—the girl with the unspoiled innocence and beguiling eyes.

Never her.

At the end, I will reign as I was always meant to—a king among corpses.

My name is Michele Guerra and this is my war.

War, Unjust is the second book in the Arte de la Guerra Saga. It can only be read after the War, Unfinished as it follows the same main characters. The book ends in a cliffhanger. Please be advised that this book is much darker than the first. Check the Author's Note for a comprehensive list of triggers and warnings.