Morally Blasphemous


A sinner

Marcello Lastra has always wanted one thing—to be left in peace.

When his estranged brother commits suicide, it’s up to him to take up the leadership mantle within the Famiglia. Thrust into a mob war he wanted no part of, he must secure allies and outsmart his enemies.

A marriage alliance might be his only lifeline, but how can a man with an aversion to touch willingly tie himself to another?

A saint

Catalina Agosti has always wanted one thing—to protect her child.

Spurned by her family for being ‘damaged goods,’ Catalina has been exiled to a convent for the last ten years. One tragic event takes away all her choices, and she has to seek protection from a man with a tragic past.

But how can Catalina trust another, when all her life she’s been betrayed by those who should have loved her?

As Marcello and Catalina navigate their new circumstances, past mistakes resurface and new secrets seek to turn them against each other.

Warring Families. Fractured Alliances. A Serial Killer on the loose.

And yet…

The greatest enemy might just be the one within.

Morally Blasphemous is Book Two of the Morally Questionable Series. While it can be read as a standalone, it is recommended to read the series in order. Warning: Morally Blasphemous is an arranged marriage slow-burn romance. It includes extreme graphic violence and adult situations that may offend some readers. Please read the trigger warnings before proceeding. 

TRIGGER WARNINGS:  animal abuse, attempted rape, blood (gore), child abuse, death, derogatory terms, domestic abuse, guns, extreme graphic violence, graphic sexual situations, incestuous situations, kidnapping, miscarriage, murder, self-harm, suicide, descriptive rape, uncomfortable religious situations, extreme depictions torture.