Frequently Asked Questions

La Sheera Lee @ SBR Media 


War Unfinished is republished as The Taste of Revenge & The Foiled Plan

War Unjust is republished as The Prodigal Son & The Counterfeit Lover

War Profane is published as The Sins of Noelle and The Moral Dilemma. The books will be released at the end of 2023. 

Five books and a Prequel: 

1. The Taste of Revenge

2. The Foiled Plan

3. The Prodigal Son (optional prequel)

4. The Counterfeit Lover

5. The Sins of Noelle 

6. The Moral Dilemma 

The Moral Dilemma will conclude the story arc for Raf and Noelle (yes, it will be a HEA)

Their story will continue in a trilogy after The Moral Dilemma concludes. 

The titles are as follows: 

I am not sure, but I’m hoping the first book will be out in 2024. I will provide more info when I’ve finished writing the first book. 

Yes, I’d love to. But I cannot say for sure when I will get to it considering the projects I have ongoing right now. Don’t worry though, the characters might return in crossovers since The Wishing Game series takes place in the same universe. 

I am not sure. I have the trilogy planned, but honestly it’s just not speaking to me at the moment. The Catharsis world will, however, cross with The Wishing Game universe and Fairydale, so the lore & worldbuilding will continue there.

The first book of the series will be released in 2024. I will likely have a concrete date by the end of this year. 

If everything goes well in 2024. This will be a standalone and will be directly related to The Wishing Game. 

 Hopefully the beginning of 2024. 

For now, these are the projects I am actively working on, or planning to.